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Out Of Character Information
Name: Walker | [[personal profile] worldwalkerpure]
Age: 29
Time zone: -5 GMT.
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In Character Information
Name: Lieutenant Sarah 'Owl' Snowdon
Age: 21
Birthday & Astrology Sign: January 24, Aquarius
Arcana: Strength

World Snapshot: In the world of God Eater Burst, it is 2071 and civilization as we know it has collapsed. Creatures known as the Aragami - Devouring Gods - roam the earth, consuming everything they come across, in some cases including the ground itself. Most of humanity lives within the walled cities of Fenrir, a Swedish pharmaceutical company that has become the de facto world government thanks to their God Eaters - a private army that is the only force capable of fighting the Aragami. Fenrir sends its God Eaters onto missions beyond the walls to destroy the Aragami and bring back their cores to be used as the basis of their Anti-Aragami technology.
EDIT:There are two kinds of God Eaters: the original Old Types, and the more recent New Types. Originally, God Arcs were fixed-form weapons - either a blade or a gun. However, with the discovery of a new genetic treatment for creating God Eaters, it was possible to create a God Arc that could switch between Blade Mode and Gun Mode, creating a God Eater that is much more flexible. The genetic variance to use this kind of God Arc is much rarer than the one for fixed-form God Arcs. One result of this is the power known as Resonance - the genetic modifications for New Types make them so similar they're capable of a limited form of touch-telepathy. Known examples of Resonance show that it allows two New-Types to share certain highly emotional memories between them.

Backstory: Sarah Snowdon joined the Fenrir Far East Branch at the age of 18, becoming one of the rare and valuable New Type God Eaters. Placed under the command of Lindow Amamiya, she was quickly shown the ropes, bonding with her fellow squad members. Soon, a New Type God Eater from the Russian Branch joined the squad - Alisa Ilinichina Amiella. Initially arrogant and prideful, Sarah was the only member of the squad she treated with respect as a fellow New-Type. In truth, she was a plant, specially programmed by the director of the Far East Branch to assassinate Lindow in order to prevent him from prying too deeply into his plans. Alisa managed to subvert her programming at a crucial moment, so that instead of outright killing Lindow she merely trapped him in an enclosed room with a massive, killer Aragami. The guilt of her actions combined with the programming caused Alisa to collapse in a complete break from reality.
Meanwhile, with Lindow presumed killed in action, Sarah was promoted to squad leader. Thanks to Sarah's ability of New-Type Resonance, Alisa was eventually able to make a full recovery, her previous pride and arrogance replaced by sorrow and a genuine desire to improve herself. Meanwhile, the eccentric scientist Paylor Sakaki had covertly recruited Sarah's squad into helping him smuggle a new, human-type Aragami into the Den - an Aragami that had evolved into a being much like the God Eaters that devoured only other Aragami. This Aragami took the form of a young girl, claiming her name was Shio, and she quickly bonded with the squad as a close friend.
Eventually, Alisa and the squad's medical sniper, Sakuya, vanished from the Den in order to follow up on Lindow's investigation of the Director, causing everything to come to a head when it was revealed that Shio was the core the Director needed to complete his plan of starting the Devouring Apocalypse - a cataclysmic eruption of a single Aragami called Nova that would devour every living thing, including other Aragami, while those the Director specially picked would flee into space to wait it out while the world was scoured clean.
In the end, Sarah lead her squad to AEGIS Island to stop the Director, who transformed himself into the artificial Aragami Arda Nova to fight them off, only to be destroyed. At that point, Shio had already become the core of Nova. Pleading with her friends to devour her old body, Shio/Nova tore herself free from the Earth and engulfed the moon, terraforming it into a flowered plain in an act of supreme sacrifice.

Several months later, strange, dragon-like Aragami codenamed Hannibal started to appear. Functionally immortal due to their ability to regenerate their core, one managed to ambush Sarah's squad when they let their guard down after a battle, leading to Sarah's God Arc to be damaged. While she was waiting for it to be repaired, the Anti-Aragami wall experienced a partial failure, allowing an Aragami to infiltrate the Den. In order to save the mechanic that was working on her God Arc, Sarah grabbed the closest weapon she could find - the God Arc of Lindow Amamiya. Luckily, Sarah was sufficiently genetically similar to Lindow that she was compatible with his God Arc, successfully killing the Aragami before collapsing in pain at the backlash of using another person's Arc.
When a second Aragami snuck up behind her, she was saved from death by a New-Type known as Ren, who claimed he had just transferred to the medical division that morning. Ren and Sarah quickly became friends, with Ren displaying an uncanny knowledge of her early training as it related to Lindow.
As a side effect of her handling of Lindow's God Arc, Sarah's power of Resonance started to show her Lindow's memories, which revealed that he had survived the attempted assassination, causing most of the Den to mobilize on a search-and-rescue mission. As the Resonance grew, Sarah started to become aware that Lindow had lost his regulating bracelet and was slowly transforming into an Aragami himself - he was, in fact, the progenitor of the Hannibals, a black Aragami known as Corrosive Hannibal.
Eventually, her mind made up, Sarah left to confront the Corrosive Hannibal alone - however, her squad quickly followed after her, arriving just in time to realize that Lindow had almost completely turned into an Aragami.
He retained just enough of his human mind to order them to leave while he ended it for good - at that point, Ren appeared, telling Sarah that the only way to stop Lindow was if she killed him with his own God Arc. Sarah, weighing her options in her mind, grabbed Lindow's God Arc from Ren, causing her left arm to transform completely into an Aragami. Screaming an order at the top of her lungs - "DON'T RUN AWAY FROM THE LIVING! THAT'S...THAT'S AN ORDER!" Sarah launched herself at Lindow's transformed body, using the paired God Arcs as shears to split it in two and reveal the core, which she punched with her transformed left arm.
The end result of this was Sarah and Ren being transported inside Lindow's mind and soul, where they relived several of his memories before coming to the very center of his being - the ruined church where he had started his transformation into an Aragami. While in there, Ren protected Sarah and Lindow with his life, revealing in the process that he was actually the spirit of Lindow's God Arc, a phantom existence that was birthed the instant Sarah touched the Arc.
As Sarah realized that nobody but her had ever been able to see Ren, he transformed back into Lindow's God Arc, and the two of them destroyed the mental representation of Corrosive Hannibal, causing Lindow to turn back into a human. As a result of his transformation, Lindow became a New Type, with his right arm permanently transformed into a self-contained Aragami. Sarah herself was also transformed - her left arm rendered into an Aragami as well, although she is capable of making it appear human.

Canon Standing: Three years postgame, after Lindow becomes human again.

Personality: Sarah is reserved and professional on the field of battle, speaking in short, clipped sentences. Her variable model God Arc allows her to fulfill a variety of roles, but the one she favors is that of a mobile hit-and-run attacker, making use of a long range Sniper gun paired with the comparatively lightweight Short Blade and Buckler combo. Off duty, she still possesses a certain amount of reserve but is capable of interacting with others on a one-on-one basis.
She tends toward straightforward bluntness in her speech and has a tendency to poke her nose into whatever interests her. Although she respects certain boundaries - she will never break into anything locked or password-protected - she has absolutely no issue with looking at personal possessions or computer files that aren't secured in some way, considering it part of her duty to her squad to keep tabs on them. She's also practical and money-minded - she joined Fenrir not out any great conviction but simply because she was tired of being poor and hungry.
EDIT: Over the course of the canon story, Sarah went from a raw recruit, unwilling to disagree with her superiors, to a seasoned leader fully capable of calling out those she feels aren't being honest with her. In addition, her early lessons under Lindow, coupled with the near-breakdown of the squad after he was declared KIA, have caused her to embrace as a mantra the creed 'everyone comes home alive'. She has no patience for the idea of a 'heroic sacrifice' and is liable to actively deck anybody that talks about such things.

When dealing with others, Sarah tends toward blunt honesty combined with a certain amount of polite reserve - she won't volunteer the information that you're being an ass, but if you ask she will tell you straight-out. When the situation calls for it, however, she can dissemble with at least a limited amount of finesse - as much as she dislikes it, she's a commanding officer in a quasi-military structure and therefore has some skill at politicking. Having been burned once before by a superior with their own agenda, Sarah keeps a very close eye on the motives of those around her.

Sarah's relationship with her friends is much closer - she still possesses a certain amount of reserve, but it's more out of a desire not to be too overbearing than her normal disinterest in volunteering information. She's also frequently willing to go along with the various suggestions and plans her squad offers, leading to her reputation with other God Eaters to be 'the quiet one that does crazy things'.

As the leader of the Retaliation Squad, part of Sarah's duties is to conduct reprisal strikes against Aragami that get too close to the Anti-Aragami Wall. She takes this duty very seriously, considering the defense of others to be her highest priority. She's extremely proud of the fact that under her leadership, Squad 1 has a 100% survival rate.

Canon Powers: As a God Eater, Sarah has superhuman strength and reflexes, her God Arc is a multi-form transforming weapon capable of dealing four kinds of elemental damage, and she possesses the power of Resonance - a limited form of touch telepathy with other New Type God Eaters.

Canon Weapons|Items:
God Arc - Variable form weapon that switches between Gun, Blade, Shield, and Predator modes, capable of dealing any of four kinds of elemental damage - Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Light, as well as limited healing.
The picture at the top illustrates both Gun and Predator modes.

Canon Allies: N/A

Canon Baggage: Three outfits, God Arc, standard field kit of Recovery Ampules and Stun Grenades.



► Cleave (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage on one enemy.)
► Dia (Recovers a small amount of HP to one ally.)
► Maakingu (40% chance of inflicting the Mark ailment on one target.(2 turns))
► Bufula (Inflicts a medium amount of Ice damage on one enemy.)
▷ Mamudo (20% chance of instant KO from the power of Dark on all enemies.)
▷ Marakunda (Decreases all enemies' Defense by 25%.(1 turn))
▷ Zionga (Inflicts a medium amount of Lightning damage on one enemy.)
▷ Singled Out (Instantly KOs enemies afflicted with Mark status.)
★ Squad Tactics (Doubles Attack and Speed for three allies for three turns.)

► Endure (Survive being knocked Unconscious once per battle )
▷ Ailment Amp (All status ailment attacks are 1.5 times more effective.)
▷ Regenerate (5% total HP is restored at every turn (healing out of a battle takes about 6 hours for normal wounds.))

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